14th Annual Jazz Critics Poll: 2019

Ballot 2019

Jerome Wilson (All About Jazz, Radio Fairfax)


  1. Fire! Orchestra, Arrival (Rune Grammofon)
  2. Steve Haines, Steve Haines and the Third Floor Orchestra (Justin Time)
  3. Wadada Leo Smith, Rosa Parks: Pure Love: An Oratorio of Seven Songs (TUM)
  4. James Brandon Lewis, An UnRuly Manifesto (Relative Pitch)
  5. Art Ensemble of Chicago, We Are on the Edge: A 50th Anniversary Celebration (Pi -2CD)
  6. OGJB Quartet [Oliver Lake/Graham Haynes/Joe Fonda/Barry Altschul], Bamako (TUM)
  7. Eric Hofbauer's Five Agents, Book of Water (Creative Nation Music)
  8. Bria Skonberg, Nothing Never Happens (self-released)
  9. Sara Gazarek, Thirsty Ghost (MRI)
  10. Eri Yamamoto Trio & Choral Chameleon, Goshu Ondo Suite (AUM Fidelity)


  1. Eric Dolphy, Musical Prophet: The Expanded 1963 New York Studio Sessions (Resonance -3CD -18)
  2. Ran Blake & Jeanne Lee, The Newest Sound You Never Heard (1966-67, A-Side -2CD)
  3. John Surman & John Warren, The Brass Project (1992, ECM)