14th Annual Jazz Critics Poll: 2019

Ballot 2019

Richard B. Kamins (Step Tempest)


  1. Johnathan Blake, Trion (Giant Step Arts)
  2. Brian Lynch Big Band, The Omni-American Book Club: My Journey Through Literature in Music (Holistic MusicWorks)
  3. Remy Le Boeuf, Assembly of Shadows (SoundSpore)
  4. Art Ensemble of Chicago, We Are on the Edge: A 50th Anniversary Celebration (Pi -2CD)
  5. Alex LoRe & Weirdear, Karol (Challenge)
  6. Fabian Almazan Trio, This Land Abounds With Life (Biophilia)
  7. Wadada Leo Smith, Rosa Parks: Pure Love: An Oratorio of Seven Songs (TUM)
  8. Camila Meza & the Nectar Orchestra, Ambar (Sony Masterworks)
  9. Zack Brock-Matt Ulery-Jon Deitemyer, Wonderment (Woolgathering)
  10. Nature Work, Nature Work (Sunnyside)


  1. Ran Blake & Jeanne Lee, The Newest Sound You Never Heard (1966-67, A-Side -2CD)
  2. Bill Evans, Evans in England (1969, Resonance)
  3. Nat "King" Cole, Hittin' the Ramp: The Early Years (1936-1943) (Resonance -7CD)