14th Annual Jazz Critics Poll: 2019

Ballot 2019

Troy Collins (Point of Departure)


  1. Tomeka Reid Quartet, Old New (Cuneiform)
  2. Kris Davis, Diatom Ribbons (Pyroclastic)
  3. Jaimie Branch, Fly or Die II: Bird Dogs of Paradise (International Anthem)
  4. Allison Miller's Boom Tic Boom, Glitter Wolf (The Royal Potato Family)
  5. James Brandon Lewis, An UnRuly Manifesto (Relative Pitch)
  6. Greg Ward Presents Rogue Parade, Stomping Off From Greenwood (Greenleaf Music)
  7. Taylor Ho Bynum 9-tette, The Ambiguity Manifesto (Firehouse 12)
  8. Dave Douglas-Uri Caine-Andrew Cyrille, Devotion (Greenleaf Music)
  9. Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Be Known: Ancient/Future/Music (Spiritmuse)
  10. Whit Dickey Tao Quartets, Peace Planet/Box of Light (AUM Fidelity -2CD)


  1. Marion Brown, Capricorn Moon to Juba Lee Revisited (Ezz-thetics)
  2. Griot Galaxy, Kins (1981, Third Man)
  3. Sounds of Liberation, Sounds of Liberation (1973, Corbett vs. Dempsey)