13th Annual Jazz Critics Poll: 2018

Ballot 2018

Jerome Wilson (All About Jazz, Radio Fairfax "The Outer View")


  1. Charles Lloyd & the Marvels + Lucinda Williams, Vanished Gardens (Blue Note)
  2. Graz Composers Orchestra Meets Claudia Döffinger, Monochrome (QFTF)
  3. Edward Simon, Sorrows & Triumphs (Sunnyside)
  4. Kate Reid, The Heart Already Knows (self-released)
  5. Wayne Shorter Quartet, Emanon (Blue Note)
  6. Darrell Katz and the JCA Orchestra, Rats Live on No Evil Star (JCA)
  7. Owen Broder, Heritage: The American Roots Project (ArtistShare)
  8. Kevin Bales & Keri Johnsrud, Beyond the Neighborhood: The Music of Fred Rogers (GabNat)
  9. Kate McGarry, The Subject Tonight Is Love (Binxtown)
  10. Billie Davies Trio, Perspectives II (self-released)


  1. Amarcord Nino Rota (Corbett vs. Dempsey)
  2. Mike Gibbs Band, Symphony Hall, Birmingham 1991 (Dusk Fire)
  3. Fred Hersch Trio, '97 @ The Village Vanguard (Palmetto)