13th Annual Jazz Critics Poll: 2018

Ballot 2018

Seth Colter Walls (New York Times, Pitchfork, Bandcamp)


  1. Ingrid Laubrock, Contemporary Chaos Practices (Intakt)
  2. Esperanza Spalding, Exposure (Concord -17)
  3. Harriet Tubman, The Terror End of Beauty (Sunnyside)
  4. Mary Halvorson, Code Girl (Firehouse 12)
  5. Chris Dave, Chris Dave and the Drumhedz (Blue Note)
  6. Sylvie Courvoisier Trio, D'Agala (Intakt)
  7. Henry Threadgill 14 or 15 Kestra: Agg, Dirt . . . and More Dirt (Pi)
  8. Miles Okazaki, Work: The Complete Compositions of Thelonious Monk, Vols. 1-6 (self-released)
  9. Kyoko Kitamura's Tidepool Fauna, Protean Labyrinth (self-released)
  10. Nik Bärtsch's Ronin, Awase (ECM)


  1. Anthony Braxton, Sextet (Parker) 1993 (New Braxton House)
  2. Prince, Piano and a Microphone 1983 (NPG/Warner Bros)
  3. John Coltrane, Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album (Impulse!)