13th Annual Jazz Critics Poll: 2018

Ballot 2018

Paul Acquaro (Free Jazz Collective)


  1. Paul Rogers-Olaf Rupp-Frank Paul Schubert, Three Stories About Rain Sunlilght and the Hidden Soil (Relative Pitch)
  2. Duck Baker, Plays Monk (Triple Point)
  3. Momentum 2&3, Momentum 2&3 [Brüllt/Monster] (Audiographic -17)
  4. Henry Threadgill, Double Up, Plays Double Up Plus (Pi)
  5. Wendy Eisenberg, Its Shape Is Your Touch (Vin du Select Qualitite)
  6. Angelika Niescier Trio, The Berlin Concert (Intakt)
  7. Devin Gray, Dirigo Rataplan II (Rataplan)
  8. Jon Irabagon Quartet, Dr. Quixotic's Traveling Exotics (Irabbagast)
  9. Ceramic Dog [Marc Ribot], YRU Still Here? (Northern Spy)
  10. Andrew Cyrille, Lebroba (ECM)


  1. Anthony Braxton, Sextet (Parker) 1993 (New Braxton House)
  2. Derek Bailey & Evan Parker, The London Concert (Otoroku)
  3. Peter Brötzmann Octet, Machine Gun (Cien Fuegos)




Note: FD thinks Debut vote should should go to Eisenberg, combined with her other album this year, The Machinic Unconscious (Tzadik).