13th Annual Jazz Critics Poll: 2018

Ballot 2018

Duck Baker (The Absolute Sound, New York Jazz Record)


  1. Henry Threadgill, Double Up, Plays Double Up Plus (Pi)
  2. Henry Threadgill 14 or 15 Kestra: Agg, Dirt . . . and More Dirt (Pi)
  3. Barre Phillips, End to End (ECM)
  4. Marty Krystall-Mike Alvidrez-Fritz Wise, Marty's Mode (K2B2)
  5. Matthew Shipp Quartet, Sonic Fiction (ESP-Disk)
  6. Howard Alden-Marty Krystall-Buell Neidlinger, The Happenings: Music of Herbie Nichols (K2B2 -17)
  7. Megumi Yonezawa-Masa Kamaguchi-Ken Kobayashi, Boundary (ESP-Disk)
  8. Ben Goldberg & Michael Coleman, Practitioner (BAG Productions)
  9. ROVA Saxophone Quartet, In Transverse Time (Victo)
  10. Mary Halvorson, Code Girl (Firehouse 12)


  1. John Coltrane, Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album (Impulse!)
  2. The Savory Collection 1935-1940 (Mosaic)
  3. Thelonioous Monk, Mønk (Gearbox)




Note: Ballot listed additional (uncounted) Reissue/Historical albums: 4. Randy Weston, Sound (African Rhythms); 5. Cecil Taylor, Conversations With Tony Oxley (Jazzwerkstatt); 6. Grant Green, Funk in France: From Paris to Antibes 1969-1970 (Resonance); 7. Anthony Braxton, Sextet (Parker) 1993 (New Braxton House).