11th Annual Jazz Critics Poll: 2017

Ballot 2017

Ken Dryden (New York City Jazz Record, Hot House)


  1. Dial & Oatts-Rich DeRosa-WDR Big Band, Rediscovered Ellington (Zoho)
  2. Terry Gibbs, 92 Years Young: Jammin' at the Gibbs House (Whaling City Sound)
  3. Alan Broadbent With the London Metropolitan Orchestra, Developing Story (Eden River)
  4. Hal Galper & the Youngbloods, Live at the COTA Jazz Festival (Origin)
  5. Sam Newsome & Jean-Michel Pilc, Magic Circle (Some New Music)
  6. Dominique Eade & Ran Blake, Town and Country (Sunnyside)
  7. Ed Palermo Big Band, The Great Un-American Songbook Volumes I & II (Cuneiform)
  8. Rebecca Kilgore & Bernd Lhotzky, This and That (Arbors)
  9. Bobby Watson, Made in America (Smoke Sessions)
  10. Zaid Nasser, The Stroller (SteepleChase)


  1. Oscar Pettiford Nonet/Big Band/Sextet, New York City 1955-1958 (Uptown Jazz)
  2. Dick Hyman, Solo at the Sacramento Jazz Festival 1983-1988 (Arbors)
  3. Thelonious Monk, Les Liaisons Dangereuses 1960 (Sam/Saga)